Twitter Users Reimagine The Last Year As #Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts


Twitter Users Reimagine The Last Year As #Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts

“Some of the Dementors were very fine creatures.”

Saturday officially marks one year since Donald Trump took office. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 365 days.

For HuffPost Comedy’s weekly hashtag game, we decided to look back at Trump’s first year in Harry Potter fashion.

Here are some of the best of #Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts:

Gryffindor has 65,000,000 points, and Slytherin has 62,000,000. Therefore, Slytherin wins.#Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts

— Corey Miller (@StopEatingBees) January 19, 2018

The stress of the job has really aged him

— Apparently Jane (@spencedbyus) January 19, 2018

"Some of the Dementors were very fine creatures."

— MeltLikeButta (@jwbutta) January 19, 2018

He makes a horcrux out of a Big Mac wrapper #Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts

— Luke, Deft ✋🏼 (@LukeWheeler01) January 19, 2018

Got a Howler from Omarosa

— Robyn your 💜 (@robyndwoskin) January 19, 2018

"Rancid" Ron

"Dingbat" Dumbledore

"Huge Loser" Harry

"Stupid" Snape

"Horrific" Hermione


— Oliver Willis (@owillis) January 19, 2018

Trump [*about to get a Dementor's Kiss*]: "Wait a sec — let me pop a Tic Tac!"#Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts@HuffPostComedy

— lancegould (@lancegould) January 19, 2018

Trump issues a ‘Mudblood Ban,’ immediately smacked down by the Ministry of Magic.


— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) January 19, 2018

He hired Mike Pence as his house elf

— Gretel Armstrong (@GretelSugar) January 19, 2018

Afraid the food in the Great Hall was poisoned, had his owl bring him KFC and McDonalds every night.

— Dee Lindeman (@DeeLindeman) January 19, 2018

I have nothing to do with Lord Voldemort. I do no business with Lord Voldemort. My staff's meetings with the Death Eaters were about adoptions.

I wear long sleeves because it's cold in the White House.

— Socialism is Just Sharing Pangolin (@JohnQPangolin) January 19, 2018

Launches a campaign against "crooked Hermione"

— LJ & 10,000 Dancing Pixies (@Ljmasternoob) January 19, 2018

Keeps grabbing crookshanks without permission; cause when you're a famous wizard, they just let you do it! #Trumps1stYearAtHogwarts

— Redford 'Red' King (@RedKingsRace) January 19, 2018