Cool Or Crazy? Kim & Kanye Are Mocked For Their Baby Name

Kim's Baby Name Chicago Cool Or Crazy? Either Way, Khloe And Kylie's Babies Aren't Far Behind!

By January 20, 2018 4:24 PM
Kim's Baby Name Chicago Crazy Or Cool?

Photo: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and her family think Chicago West is a cool name for her baby. But many on Twitter believe the name is just crazy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are being mocked for the name they gave their daughter. Will Khloe and Kylie follow suit with unusual names?

Kim and Kanye announced on Friday that they had named their daughter Chicago West. Chicago was born via surrogate on January 15.

According to E! News, the name Chicago West was Kanye’s idea. He wanted to pay tribute to his hometown and his late mother.


“Kanye came up with the name and Kim loved it the significance behind the name,” a source told E! News. “It was a mutual decision, which they discussed and agreed upon together.”

But while Kim may love the name Chicago West, many on social media have had a decidedly negative reaction. Numerous tweets mocked Kim and Kanye for choosing what they say is a ridiculous name.

With kids named North, Saint, and now Chicago, it’s like Kim and Kanye are doing the slow reveal on a ransom drop location.

— shauna (@goldengateblond) January 19, 2018

Imagine them having a conversation with Kris in the future…

North: I’m going to see Chicago

Kris: Your sibling?

North: What?

Kris: You said your going to see Chicago right?

North: I am!

Kris: Tell her I said hi

North: Who?

Kris: Chicago

— ariyana (@selenasmodel) January 19, 2018

Teacher: last name followed by first name please

Chicago: West, Chicago

Teacher: no sweetie, not where you’re from, your name

Chicago: yeah West, Chicago

Teacher: …..

Chicago: …..


— Róisin (@roisinh_) January 19, 2018

Y’all named her Chicago West

— IGZ (@igzrap) January 19, 2018

Chicago West sounds like a shopping centre. __‍♀️

— Sam Chapman (@Pixiwoos) January 20, 2018

Doctor: So what do you wanna name the baby?

Kanye: Chicago West


— Kyé♏️__ (@makyrie_irving) January 20, 2018

I’d be preeeeeeetty pissed off if I’d just spent 9 months of my life as a surrogate to hand over the baby to the parents and they name her Chicago West. Sounds like a very shit pizza

— Laura Simpson (@LSimps10) January 20, 2018

Chicago West isn’t a community college?

— Travon Free (@Travon) January 19, 2018

Of course, Kim and Kanye have a history of giving unusual names to her kids. According to Kris Jenner, Kim and Kanye chose the name North for their first daughter because “North means ‘highest power,’ and … North is [Kim and Kanye’s] highest point together.” And they reportedly chose Saint West for their son since he is a “blessing … because she had such a difficult pregnancy.”

Now two other members of Kim’s family are expecting babies of their own. So will Khloe Kardashian or Kylie Jenner take a cue from Kim and give their children out-there monikers? Or will they follow the lead of Kourtney Kardashian, who gave her first two children the more traditional names Mason and Penelope?

Khloe baby bumpKhloe Kardashian showed off her baby bump on Instagram last month.

Khloe admitted on Twitter Friday that she had trouble coming up with a name for her first child. She did tweet her approval of the name Chicago, however.

Still, she has said she knows what she wants to name her baby if it is a boy. And reports say she is indeed expecting a son.


“I mean, I think if it’s a boy, I’ll go with Junior, but I don’t know what to do – Tristan Jr.,” she told Ellen DeGeneres, referencing her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

Kylie's baby nameKylie Jenner has still not announced her pregnancy.

As for Kylie? She hasn’t even confirmed she is pregnant, let alone discussed possible baby names in public. But insiders say she is leaning towards one name, though she has not revealed it yet. “Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, but isn’t sharing,” a source toldPeople.


What do you think Khloe and Kylie should name their babies? Let us know your take in the comment section below!